May 2010 saw the publication of Patrick’s first book,

a guide to teaching music in the primary school

aimed specifically at the non-specialist.

Deliberately not tied to any specific work scheme,

the book is driven by a desire to help the thousands of

teachers who are expected to teach music to their classes

with a minimal amount of help.

Still a bestseller in its category on,

it is hoped that this book will show non-specialists that

music in the classroom is worthwhile, and that they can teach it.

A selection of reviews

(when I was teaching) I would have wanted it in my classroom permanently.... invest in a copy and you will be able to teach primary music”

Helen Bradford: primary and early years PGCE course teacher, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge (Music Teacher Magazine)

“ a valuable addition to the shelves of both primary and secondary teaching course providers…(this book) needs to find its way into all primary staffrooms now”

Andy Brooke: primary SENCO and music coordinator: Classroom Music Magazine

“While not ignoring the challenges, Patrick Gazard’s consistently positive and practical approach will encourage the least confident of teachers to have a go while also providing ongoing support to the more experienced.”

Lis McCullough, former chair of NAME (National Association of Music Educators)

‘A comprehensive resource for the nonspecialist primary teacher. The information and advice is practical without being prescriptive. The book is ideal for headteachers, music coordinators and class teachers alike.’

Katherine Fear, consultant for primary music, Coventry Advisory Service, and SMA Council Representative for West Midlands Region.

“excellent advice…frequent remarks that make you stop, think and then agree…the book can be read in a single evening but has enough material to keep school music going for several years”

(Tom Deveson: former primary teacher and LEA music advisory teacher)

A very user-friendly book for the non-specialist; practical, lots of good suggestions and not daunting!'
Mandy Harrison, Headteacher, Cliddesden Primary School, Basingstoke

For those primary school teachers having to teach music, this is a very practical, easy to follow, easy to read, and well constructed book, full of good ideas. If you, as a teacher, are dubious about teaching music, I would recommend this book.

Anon, 5 stars

As a trainee teacher, I think that this book is a fantastic resource for any primary school teacher, even if you feel confident with teaching music.

Each chapter is split into questions that I imagine are frequently thought of by practising teachers, as well as those who are training.

The book is written in a user-friendly way that communicates a real passion for music, which comes through clearly in the way that the book is written and can only be passed on to the reader and hopefully therefore through to the children.

I think that this is a must-have book for all primary school teachers to increase confidence and generate plenty of brilliant ideas for music lessons for the children to enjoy.

Primary BEd student, Birmingham